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Friday, November 22, 2013


Todd couldn't just pick one item he had to mention a few more of his favorites for his employee pick. We asked the legend himself a few questions and as a man of few words this is what he had to say! 

Milo-what was your first board?
TM-Burton performer. (1st one that I purchased) 
Milo-what's the hardest thing about snowboarding?
TM-getting more riding days
Milo-what's the most rewarding? 
TM-shredding pow
Milo-any words of advice? 
TM-have fun and go snowboarding! 

Todd is the man, come in and chat him up and find out why he rides what he rides! 

2014 LibTech SuperBanana Snowboard Review

Check out Mo talking about the all new SUPER LIMITED SUPER BANANA from lib tech

Be fly stay dry, WEAR A BIB

The turn burglar

My name is Jason Turner.  I’ll also respond to J Tiddy or Tubular Turner.  I’m 32 years young, a father of 2 (soon to be 3) and I’ve snowboarded since 1994.  Orem, Utah is where I call home and I would claim Brighton as my favorite place to ride because of the good mixture steeps and park.  I grew up riding The Canyons which was then Wolf Mountain.  My favorite snow park would have to be found at Northstar-at-Tahoe.  The first memory I have of Milo was a premiere of Mack Dawg’s Technical Difficulties in 1999 at a local college.  I was able to meet my heroes at the time Jeremy Jones, Mitch Nelson, and J.P. Walker.  I’ve worked at Milo for 10 years now.  Comparing Ben and Todd to the slopes I’d say Ben is steep (50 degrees) and mogul laden with about 6” of fresh while Todd is a more mellow slope (30 degrees) with trees and about a foot of fresh. I love Milo because as a shop we are dedicated to customer service, core brands, which gives a unique niche in the snow and skate industries.  I skate a little but snowboarding is my main outlet.  It’s great to get up out of the world where I can think more clearly, have fun with gravity, and interact with people I enjoy.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Winter is back again and we are launching our new employee picks program at the sop, so stay tuned for special discounts on some of our favorite items this season!