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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

MR. Galloway

Name: Tyler Galloway
Nickname: Tyrel, Trevor, rel, guerro
Age: 21
From where: Cedar Hills, UT

Home mountain: Brighton 

Favorite park skate or snow: Oakley  skatepark 

How long have you been at milo: 3 years

First milo memory: one time Andy and I made a robot out of boxes, he came with all your favorite CDs, a self destruct button and even a flush lever- cause you need one- 

Describe Ben Pelligrino: little boss, is kinda like your dad. Except, he's not your dad and probably tells better jokes.

Describe Todd Mitchell: would give you the coat on his back if you needed it

Why milo? 1984 guys, get real milo is the best

Why do you love snowboarding and skateboarding? Cause, man. That stuff makes you feel good.. going fast and gettin air!!!!


Wanted. Shred or Alive!

Keep on the lookout for Tyler Galloway anywhere in the the vicinity of Upper Big Cottonwood Canyon ,specifically spinning laps on the chairs at Brighton Resort

He'll most likely be found riding a Never Summer Industries Evo snowboard, Union Binding Company Flite bindings and Northwave Drake Legend boots!!

He claims that the "Evo" is a ripping all mountain freestyle board, not too soft and not to stiff, it's his weapon of choice. He also is known to shred on Union Flite bindings. Apparently they match his riding style the best. Laps in the park, ripping thru "Dirty Tree's", heading out to Hidden Canyon and finding new lines in the Mary Chutes are his common hangouts. And of course since he's covering so much terrain, he wants to be as comfortable as possible in case he has to make a quick getaway. The Northwave Legend Superlace boot seems to fit perfectly into this All Mountain Maulers arsenal.......

If found proceed with caution, he's armed and dangerous and most likely has an accomplice with him. Chantel Galloway is also to be considered a threat...

Until we find this fugitive we will be discounting his Milosport Orem EMPLOYEE PICKS.....

15% PERCENT OFF ALL NS EVO'S, NW LEGEND SL'S AND UNION FLITE'S until further notice......

Facebook:Milosport Orem 


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Benjamin Louis Pellegrino

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Shopping local saves lives.