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Monday, October 4, 2010

in today......................

One of a kind Utah Neff (jazz ) shirts, in new logo and new colorway!!! we only got 6 of these and they will not be available again!!!!!!!!!!!! (seen here modeled by Justin Barrell)

Element Drop Spot Bench by Freshpark

9-19" X 94" LONG X 9 3/4" WIDE

• Folds to 47" long x 9 3/4" wide x 9" tall

• Top deck flush with coping for smooth tail slides

• Extended side edge to eliminate hang-ups

• Adjustable height up to 19" tall

• Rubber-capped feet to aviod slippage

• Durable weatherproof powder-coated steel

• Made with partially recycled materials

• Connects to other Element Drop Spot skate obstacles

• Lightweight for portability

• Reflective tree logo sticker for extra safety

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